Day 17

Getting Old

You know you’re getting old when …
You’re in the “at-risk” age group.

You know you’re getting old when …
Your neighbor grocery shop for you instead of you offering to do the same for others.

And today I added another way to tell “you know you’re getting old” to the list:

You know you’re getting old when …
Because your wonderful cleaning ladies can’t come over, you’re on your own, giving your house a top-to-bottom deep clean and at the end of it, you’re utterly EXHAUSTED. I mean the can’t move, can barely lift a finger, can barely write this journal entry kind of exhausted. I mean the pathetic kind of exhausted. I mean I am pathetic!

And it’s not that I consider myself a pampered princess. I clean all the time. In fact, I’m one of those people who prep and pre-clean the house before the cleaning ladies arrive. (I don’t want them to think we’re slobs!)

I used to think cleaning was relaxing and enjoyed the sense of bringing order out of chaos. But today’s full-on cleaning assault, well, that’s a different story! Moving the couch, vacuuming the stairs, doing all the laundry, ironing, all in one marathon session. This was a challenge. And it demonstrated that I’m really out of shape and I’m really old.

Well, one thing’s for sure, as we continue sheltering in place, I’ll certainly have plenty of time to get my cleaning muscles back in shape AND also to get even older! My birthday’s not that far away!

And so goes Day 17. Good wishes from the spanking clean Maison Galatz-Wellinghoff.

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