Day 5

Not much to report from Maison Galatz-Wellinghoff today.

I decided to take the day off from reading the news non-stop and banned Handsome Hubby from sharing the latest statistics. I’m not exactly hiding from the world but felt a mini-break was needed.

Here’s the best laugh of the day: Asked on the phone how he’s handling sheltering in place, HH’s best friend replied, “I’m an introvert. I’ve been preparing for this all my life.”
Saturday night we usually go out to dinner or have friends over. Of course, that’s not happening now. But adapting to the times, we’re participating in our first virtual — i.e. video — dinner party.

Yes, the world is different right now. At least for this dinner party, I don’t have to clean the house beforehand (or afterward, come to think of it).

So goes Day 5. Stay healthy. Be a little silly and smile.

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