Giving My Regards to Broadway

Greetings from a Broadway Baby

Giving My Regards to Broadway

Some go fishing. Some go shopping. I go show-hopping along the Great White Way aka Broadway.

Yes, I’m spending the week in NYC, seeing shows till my eyes bulge out!

But, alas, only six shows this trip. Deferring to Handsome Hubby’s wishes, we’re not doing any show-a-thons! Meaning I’m not dragging him to any double features. Meaning no matinees and evening shows on the same day.

So, sadly, I’m off my “A” game of eight shows in a week, but still, six shows is a pretty good run!

As a result of my vacation fun, I’ve got no light-hearted laments to offer this week. Just Playbills, sore feet (and derrière) plus a few extra pounds thanks to pastrami, pastry, and other yummy treats.

But I’ll be back to seriously silly writing next week.

Till then, keep on muddling!

Meanwhile, I’m giving my regards to Broadway. Yes, I’m just a Broadway baby!

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