New Meaning to the Phrase “Hot to Trot”

Travel at Any Price

Hot to Trot

A recent travel industry poll claims that people are so hot to travel trot, they’re willing to give up sex for an entire year for the opportunity to get away ASAP.

Now, I understand after a year of pandemic stuck-at homeness and worry, we’re all antsy and anxious to hit the road, take a train, grab a yak, or even — horror of horrors, board a boat. But still, giving up the pleasures of the bedroom for the pleasures of the road? That’s a road too far!

Yet, 38% of the people polled are so desperate to giddup and go, go, go that they’re ready to forgo foreplay and all the rest! That, at least, is the read-out from the folks at trivago, the online hotel and accommodation search website.

Hot to Trot By the Numbers

According to trivago, the number is even higher across the pond. Yes, 40% of our stiff-up-lip allies in Great Britain said they’d aver sex for travel. Ouch! So much for true love, or at least, true lust!

Back home, nearly half of the Americans polled said they’d give up their jobs, too. Well, on a bad workday, that impulse I get.

Trivago surveyed 2,000 Britons and Americans in early January. Now, I have a question. Several actually. Two-thousand people aren’t a lot of people to query. Did it really require two months to sort, synthesize, and analyze the data? Why so long? What were the analysts really doing? They certainly weren’t traveling. Were they busy canoodling? Inquiring idle minds wonder.

And meanwhile, in terms of the survey’s findings, are the conclusions really valid? Would you honestly give up conjugal bliss for an entire year just to take a trip? I mean, I want to go to Holland. But in a Netherlands or no Handsome Hubby choice — well, blankets down (or would that be blankets up?), no contest. I’m picking HH over Holland.

🇳🇱 🇳🇱 🇳🇱

But,  won’t you know it? Just as I was pondering this great philosophical question, HH announced he had accepted his first business trip after this year of being grounded. He’s going to Singapore in December, to be a speaker at a big-deal energy conference.

🇸🇬 🇸🇬 🇸🇬

Of course, he didn’t ask if I minded or if I was worried. Nope!

Of course, I’m worried! Not about the bedroom, but about COVID even though he’s been vaccinated.

Not So Hot to Trot

And to be honest, I’m also a little worried about the one downside of society’s return to “normal.” Not obviously about seeing loved ones nor about better health and better times. That all will be too wonderful for words. No, what I’m not looking forward to is the return to our former frenzied pace — and in the case of HH, too much travel and too much jet lag. Oh, well.

Yet, hopefully, like all of you, I hope and pray we are cautiously headed toward happier days. Still, jumping back on the business travel merry-go-round — silly trivago travel or sex surveys aside — definitely won’t be the best part of this family’s normal!

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  1. Andrea Serra
    Andrea Serra says:

    I was just having this conversation with a friend yesterday. We were saying that we thought people would have at least learned one thing from this year; to slow down. Apparently that is not the case as traffic and a frenzied pace are picking back up right where they left off. Too bad! I liked the slower pace.


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