A Hurricane-Hound Brings Sunshine

by guest contributor Olga

Hurricane-hound brings sunshine to our home

“In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire …
Hurricanes hardly happen.”
                                                                     My Fair Lady, Lerner and Loewe

Hurricanes also happen in Florida, and as a result of one, this hurricane-hound now calls California home.

It was all so scary at first – given up to a Florida shelter and then scooped up by a huge, noisy, metal bird and taken to a different shelter in a strange new city.

Yes, thanks to some kind and fast-acting humans, I and about 99 of my furry friends were airlifted ahead of Hurricane Irma, arriving at the Berkeley Human Society shelter in August 2017.

Soon afterward, I met this tall young man and his mother who took me for a walk. I was so nervous. I pooped immediately – in the middle of the street. I know, bad manners.

Still, somehow, they liked me and took me to their house.

Rules Rule!

At first, I felt overwhelmed. New smells, new noises, and new rules!

“Sit here. Don’t sit there. Pee here. DON’T PEE THERE.”

It was especially bad when my boy wasn’t around. I couldn’t bear it when he left the room. I’d even stop eating to follow him. Once he complained he couldn’t go to the bathroom in private. What’s the big deal? It never stops me.

OCD Away! Activity Hooray!

Anyway, I’m happy now, even though it took lots of patience to get this family straight. They were very OCD! Everything had to be just so. The floors spotless. The rugs too. Now, thankfully, they are much more relaxed. There are toys – and fur – everywhere!

Getting this serious, bookish group to lighten up was rough! Can you imagine spending three hours sitting on the couch, turning pages or staring at a lighted screen? Weird! Now they laugh when I demolish squeaky toys and do tricks. Now they happily – on command – provide attention, activity, belly rubs, and treats.

Getting them moving was another challenge! Finally, after months of training, they can tug on a rope like Arnold Schwarzenegger and throw like Joe Montana. Or is that, tug like Joe and throw like Arnold?

Fitter, happier, and enjoying more time together as a family. When they’re not playing with me, they discuss important matters – like how to stop me from barking at people passing by (I’m just friendly) and when to clip my nails.

Still borderline OCD and techie to the max, the family wear Fitbit devices. The other day I heard my boy talking about buying me a FitBark. No way! There are limits to a dog’s love!

A Hurricane-Hound is Home to Stay

We just celebrated my one-year “anniversary” in the SF Bay! Bow, WOW! Florida was nice, but the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge are the best. Plus, in Berkeley, hurricanes – happily -never happen!


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    • Karen
      Karen says:

      Thank you, Mary. Olga was named by the Humane Society. It really is a great name. We tried thinking up others, but could do no better!


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