Mid-life Marital Thrill: Is it Sex or is it … ?

Screams, Cheers, and More

Mid-life Marital Thrill

Some couples grow bored with each other, retreating to separate corners of the house, separate activities, and silent, resentful boredom. Not Handsome Hubby and I. We’re finding joy in a new, intense mid-life marital thrill. It involves strange new pleasures – and plenty of screaming, cheering, and scoring.

It’s so intense that just the other week when HH was out of town, he called me at 3 a.m. multiple nights, desperate for the sound of my voice!

And our passion doesn’t end when the sun comes up. No. Just ask our children. Each morning, they hear us shouting. “Give it to me. Give it to me NOW.” Yes, HH and I have got it bad. Cheering, screaming, and, like I said, a whole lot of scoring …

Now, this is a PG-rated column (minus an innuendo or two), so I’ll cut to the chase. Our passion is the Golden State Warriors. That explains the screaming, cheering, and scoring. The 3 a.m. calls? They came amid the National Basketball Association Championship Finals. In Berlin on business, HH faithfully set his alarm to call me in the wee hours for the just-concluded game results. And that early morning “Give it to me” shouting, can’t you guess what that’s about? It’s squabbling over who gets first dibs to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sports Section!

Sports, Music, Travel … Fun by Any Name

Now, the Warriors or sports, in general, may not be your middle-aged marital thing, but discovering a new joy to share is something I definitely recommend. It wasn’t that long ago that I first wrote about how I unexpectedly became a part of Dub Nation.  Since passing my obsession on to HH, we’ve been having a blast with our new sporting life, going to games, watching them on TV with friends over, wearing Dub Nation tee shirts, and debating game strategy!

Mid-life Marital Thrill: Sports Edition

I did think things would quiet down once the season ended this year, but our Warriors sports lust continues. Who knew that the Free Agent deadline could be so worrisome? HH and I were doing more check-ins than when our kids were away at sleep-away camp! And who knew there were summer basketball games to watch? My non-aerobic heart just cannot take this non-stop b-ball action.

The world may be going to Hell in the proverbial handbasket and you may also worry about which news outlets to trust. But have no fear, when it comes to Dub Nation, consider HH and me your “go to” sources for the latest on everything Warriors – JaVale McGee’s move to the L.A. Lakers, Zaza Pachulia’s and David West’s departure from the team, and of course, the surprise signing of DeMarcus Cousins!

There are, of course, worse things a middle-aged couple could obsess about … like which retirement community to join or which diner has the best early bird dinners. Yet, our mid-life meeting of the minds – and butts on the living room couch to watch basketball is still pretty strange for NYC born and bred theater-loving me and serious-minded, outdoorsy, cross-country ski-ing HH.

Overhearing us engaged in passionate post-game debriefings, our children used to cry out, “Aliens! Aliens have abducted our parents. Where are our parents?”

Now, however, our family knows that come the Fall, they can find us parked on the couch, eyes glued to the TV, watching Steph, Klay, Draymond, Kevin and the gang take on the world.

PG-rated passion, suitable for all ages … even middle-aged married folk.

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