Our Adventure Begins

(But Really, Let's Talk about Handsome Hubby ... and Ice Cream)

Our adventure begins

Well, we’ve arrived in Reno at our new house. And so, our new adventure begins in earnest.

Hooray or oy vey?

Handsome Hubby “said” one great reason to move here was to escape the wildfires of California. Well, since we getting here, I haven’t seen one clear day. The California wildfires followed us east! The skies are obscured. The air is awful — so awful the first night, I thought our house was on fire! I’m not kidding. I woke HH up, at 3 a.m., shouting “The house is on fire!”

Our Adventure Begins

I’ve made no secret about my reluctance to leave intellectual hippy-dippy Berkeley for cowboy-ish Reno, even though HH’s heart was positively aflutter about returning to his childhood hometown.

Yet, I confess listening to him laugh — really laugh — you know the kind that wells up from the belly, wraps around and warms the heart before it erupts from the throat, as he gathers with childhood chums makes city-slicker me realize this move is the right move for us.

So, in honor of my happy-as-a-prairie oyster Reno husband, here’s a bushel of fun and funny things he’s said lately. They’re all vintage HH, although truth be told, several of them are typical man-speak! You, in fact, may have heard your own man utter variations of several of them.

I. Funny Line Number One

“What do you want for your birthday? You probably told me, but I forget.”

II. HH’s “Comforting” Logic on the Upcoming Move

“Don’t think of Reno as ‘The Biggest Little City in the World.’ Think of it as that much closer to New York City.”

III. Be Careful Who You Ask for Help

Responding to a request for help when I couldn’t figure out something, brainiac HH looked at me, genuinely perplexed, and said “It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

IV. A Weatherman He Ain’t

Decades ago, in our early dating days, we spent a few sweltering days in my home city, NYC. HH bragged, “We never need air conditioning in my hometown. It never gets too hot in Reno. Summer is idyllic there.” Well, I visited him there a few weeks later. It was August, and it was hotter than Hell. We definitely needed air conditioning.

I reminded him of that “We never need air conditioning” remark this week, as we sat sweltering in our sauna, aka new abode waiting for the AC repairman. The outside temperature was 97 degrees, and my internal temperature was just about at the boiling point!

V. Adventures in Ice Cream

When I email or text HH, sometimes he’s a little slow to respond. I don’t mind. He’s busy working. But right before our move, a friend suggested going for ice cream. Man! Faster than you can say, “Make mine Rocky Road,” HH was emailing back and forth with his buddy Howard about dates, times, and locations. They exchanged 10 emails in less than 10 minutes!

Note to self: Begin all emails to HH with the subject line: Ice Cream

A House Becomes a Home

Yet, as I sit here writing about HH, I can’t help but pause and notice how lovely our new house already looks. And it’s largely thanks to you-know-who, who — in addition to working his regular 9-5 (make that 7-6) job — has been pushing furniture into place, hanging pictures, and doing one-thousand-and-one big and little chores. Yes, thanks to my tool-toting husband, our new house is already starting to feel quite homey.

And so, there you have it! Life with funny, fun HH.

Good-bye from
Reno, The Biggest Little City in the World
or as HH would say,
Reno, 174 miles closer to NYC.

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