Possession Obsession Salvation

Storage Options for the Downsized Challenged

Possession Obsession Solutions

I’ve separated and sorted, trashed and stashed, and donated with the best of them. I’ve consolidated, re-arranged and shelved. But I’ve still got Possession Obsession and I need help. I need storage solutions. Yes, that’s it. I need stuff for my stuff. Salvation!

I considered self-storage, but have trouble with that phrase. I always think that means putting yourself into a storage unit! Besides, if you pack up and store offsite a lot of items from your past, then aren’t you truly putting an important part of yourself in storage?

Once, in desperation,  I tried putting my “self-storage” prejudice aside and investigated renting a storage unit. The very same day I did so, I read a news article detailing the “bait and switch” practices of some storage companies, which offer cheap move-in prices, then steadily increase the monthly rent. “Ah-ha,” I thought. “Vindication.” Clearly, self-storage isn’t for me.

The Quest to Contain

The quest for a containment strategy ultimately led me to The Container Store–a shrine to the overly-endowed household.

The choices were overwhelming. One can “stack and store,” “keep everything visible,” and “put lack of storage to bed.” With just the click of the mouse, I/you can buy shoe boxes, accessory boxes, hat boxes, boot boxes and even plain old boxes. It’s a veritable box bonanza!

The store catalog showed an astonishing array of under bed boxes … there’s your basic under-bed box, there’s a long under-bed box and for just a little more money, you can get the long under-bed box with wheels. Roll it in. Roll it out. In all, there are 16 under-bed storage options (dust bunnies not included).

As I flipped through the pages of The Container Store catalog, my search for organizational order began to unravel. Clearly, there were too many choices. And speaking of clearly, if you don’t care about keeping everything visible with clear boxes, you can get taupe striped boxes or plain grey ones.

With each turn of the page, the organizational—and spending—options multiplied: cotton hanging bags, cotton gusseted hanging bags, and a combo cotton PEVA bag. If you don’t want to bag your clothes, you can purchase shoulder covers to keep dust from raining down on your out-of-season clothes.

Attention, Boot Lovers

And for you overzealous boot buyers, (Yes, I’m talking to you, Handsome Hubby.) there’s a Container Store solution for you. In fact, there are several. Flat boot boxes … boot shapers … and even hangers for boots. The hangers prevent boots from flopping over, getting crushed or, perish the thought, getting “unsightly cracks, creases, and wrinkles.” I wonder if there’s a hanger version for middle-aged faces? You know something to prevent those unsightly cracks, creases, and wrinkles.

Meanwhile don’t get me started on the dilemma of selecting “the right” clothes hanger. The catalog provided 80-plus buying options and that’s not counting special hangers for pocketbooks, scarves, and jewelry!

Too Many Choices

My brain was turning to mush. I finally closed the catalog. I did not read the sections devoted to the bath and sink, kitchen drawers and lower cabinets, pantry and upper cabinets, and the one called “Fresh Ideas,” which dished out storage options to keep food from wilting and rotting in your refrigerator.

I likewise shunned the section on organization for the utility room, attic, and garage. Those areas aren’t my problem. They are part of the domain of that plaid-clad, boot-wearing Handsome Hubby of mine. As long as I can pull the car into the garage, I’m content.

Possession Obsession Rages On

So, here I sit, still disorganized, still surrounded by stuff.

On one hand, I feel I’ve failed. I’d spent hours, days, months (on and off), trying to bring order to chaos. But, on the other hand, I remain determined, steadfast in my mission to bring order to chaos. As Scarlet O’Hara said, “There’s always tomorrow.”

And just as I prepare to throw out the Container Store catalog into the recycling bin, I spy a unique, must-have product—a clear box just to keep your Band-Aids in. I mean, really, who wants to keep bandages in their original cardboard box? How tacky. How gauche. Clearly, I need this box. Now, this is great stuff!

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