Valentine’s Day Gift Wishes

I've Become THAT Kind of Girl!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I cannot believe it. To my horror, I’ve become that kind of woman. You know the kind. The kind that wants practical, not romantic gifts!

When did this happen? Why did this happen? How did it happen? And for the love of romance, how do I stop it?

Just last week, I hinted — no, I flat out asked — Handsome Hubby to buy me a new set of pots for my Valentine’s Day gift.

THAT Kind of Girl! Me? Oh, No!

This offends me on so many levels. First of all, I hardly need HH — or anybody — to buy me anything. If I want new pots, I can damn well purchase them on my own, thank you very much!

Second of all, pots? Cookware is what I desire from my man as a romantic gesture? Come on, girl! Surely, you — I mean I — can do better than that?

Yet, in truth, what do I need/want? Another pair of earrings? Chocolates? No thank you! I just lost 15 pounds. (As an aside, drum roll and applause, please!) The last thing I need is a sweet caloric temptation to send me back onto the path of weight gain and tight pants!

Lux or Not

So, if not luxury items, what then? Where does that leave me? Nowhere but in the land of adult, unromantic, practical gift wishes! It leaves me in the land of vacuum cleaners, slippers, and flannel nightgowns! Oh, sweet, sexy bird of youth where have you flown?

Anyway, back to my request for pots and pans. You see, we already own a perfectly workable set, but they’re Teflon-coated, old, and scratched. Even though they’re usable I worry about health and safety issues. So, buying a new set does make sense but it still feels a bit frivolous. That’s why having HH buy them eases my “guilt” about replacing them. It’s silly. I know, but that’s my “logic.”

Anyway, that’s why I asked for the unromantic treat this year … and you know what? Reliable HH has already procured the pots. They arrived in a huge box just the other day. Hooray!

A Little Bling on the Side

Now, at this point, I must confess something. There is just one more “tiny” gift I’m eyeballing — these elegant, not-too-pricy pair of sterling silver Lagos brand earrings. I guess I was wrong. A girl can NEVER have too many sparkly do-dahs! Hint, hint, HH!

Also, on the less expensive side, just yesterday, an article caught my eye touting a nifty gifty designed to solve an admittedly “First World” problem! The headline proclaimed in bold letters: If you hate getting your arms wet when washing your face, you’ll love these cute wrist towels.”

Now, these little wrist wrappers strike me as practical as all get out, useful in the kitchen as well as the bathroom! I plan on using them to keep my sleeves dry while washing those fancy new Valentine’s Day pots.

And no worries, HH. I’ve got this gift covered. I already ordered a set. They’re arriving tomorrow! ❤️

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    • Karen Galatz
      Karen Galatz says:

      Thank you. And the “secret” is one of those doctor-prescribed diet injections. The trick now will be to see if I keep the weight off. Also, I’ve been exercising at the gym a lot.


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