Will My Vegan Spouse Become a Carnivore Again?

Be Still My Pounding Meat-Eating Heart and Stomach

Will my vegan spouse become a carnivore again

One year ago, my b-b-q pork and Rocky Road ice cream loving husband had a come-to-God moment and became a vegan. He did it for health reasons and he did it for the planet. Well, I don’t know what it’s done for the planet, but it’s rocked my meat-eating world. Now, happily, there’s hope my vegan spouse will become a carnivore again.

Last week, Handsome Hubby had his annual physical complete with lab work. The good news: he’s in pretty good shape for an older guy. No dread diseases. No major aches and pains. One troubling note, however: despite the year of being a steadfast vegan, his cholesterol level remains a tad on the high side. And so, after one year of no b-b-q pork, no bacon, no cheese, no ice cream, his doctor wants to put him on medication to control his cholesterol.

A Carnivore Again?

HH is bummed. And HH is wavering in his devotion to his vegan ways. “What’s the point?” I heard him mutter.

Now, a good wife would console him in his moment of doubt and encourage him to remain steadfast in his healthful, environmentally correct ways. Yes, a good wife would. I instead suggested we go to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. He demurred. But, like Scarlet O’Hara, I believe there is always tomorrow. And so, I wait and take out my cookbook, reviewing my recipes for beef brisket and chili con carne.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried to be supportive, but change comes hard to this middle-aged muddler. This past year, I’ve bought a multitude of vegan cookbooks. But after 365 days of cooking and eating this “stuff,” it’s still alien to me. I cannot pronounce quinoa to save my life, no less digest it. And it’s beyond me to understand exactly what’s in “Beyond Beef” burgers, vegan “chicken tenders,” and “meatless” meatballs.

And while HH clings to his vegan ways, still caring about the cows and the planet, I think “Holy cow. Save the marriage first. Save the planet … tomorrow!”

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